Table Read Workshop 2024

The What:

This advanced screenwriting workshop is a table reading workshop. I do them every Winter. Limited to the first 7 students who register. Two spots are left, email your screenplay to to apply to join.

Each week we’ll table read one student’s film, then we’ll discuss notes on character, plot, pacing, and ways to punch up the entire film. The student will cast all the character parts before class so we know what roles we’re reading.

Students are expected to read an entire screenplay every week to prepare notes and have the scripts notated for the characters they’re reading for each week.

Two outcomes for each class include hearing your screenplay wonderfully acted by writers who mostly aren’t actors, and the conversation after we’ve read the screenplay, where we get to bounce ideas off each other, essentially be the writer’s room for the student featured each week.

Then, the main goal of this workshop is to come away with a solid plan of action for your next screenplay draft. When it’s not your week we all read each script like we’re a producer or studio determined to purchase and green light it for production.

The When:

Saturdays at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern on Zoom.

January 13 – Feb 24.

Each meeting lasts about two hours or so.

The price:

$475 via Venmo:


$495 via PayPal:

Any questions feel free to reach out and when we hit the cap of 7 students I’ll send an email out that class if full.